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Frequently Asked Questions

You can join MKX Network by clicking the ‘Join’ button on the top right of our website and selecting the MKX Business Fee you prefer. Enter the ID number or Username of the person who introduced you to MKX Network in the ‘Who referred you’ pop-up and continue to fill in the registration form. If you discovered MKX Network on your own, continue to fill in the registration form, and you will be contacted by a sponsor from your country.

An IBO or Independent Business Owner is a self-employed independent contractor which means an individual or business entity that enters into an Agreement with MKX Network for the promotion and sale of MKX Network Services and Products and the MKX Network Opportunity. An IBO must:
(a) Complete the online registration and Agreement available at
(b) Pay the IBO's Business Fee
(c) Provide any additional information and documents required by MKX Network
(d) A customer may apply for admission to become an IBO. Customers are not entitled to be admitted as IBOs, nor can they derive any claims from non-admission.

There is no restriction to joining MKX Network based on location. Anyone from around the world can become a member of our community.

Yes, the minimum age for both a customer and an IBO is 18 years old.
Specifically, for Independent Business Owners (IBOs), as stated in the online application, you must be at least 18 years of age (or the minimum age required to be a business owner in your home country).

As a customer, you will be able to enjoy MKX Network products and services and invite other customers to do the same.
However, such status does not entitle you to earn any compensation.
When you sign up as an IBO instead, you will have the chance to not only enjoy MKX products and services but also profit from the sale of such products to other customers and/or IBOs.
As an IBO, you will actively participate in the Compensation Plan, and by introducing others to the MKX Opportunity you will have the chance to earn an income proportional to the size of your organization.
Get in contact with the person who introduced you to MKX Network to learn more about the MKX Business Opportunity.

No, you don't need any special equipment to become an IBO: all the marketing material, training, and information is available to you in your Back Office.
All you need is your initiative, commitment, and desire to succeed.